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Pencil Tip Micro Sculptures

Dalton Ghetti creates awesomely stunning miniature sculptures on pencil tips! Mind blown!

(Unfortunately I couldn’t find his official website.)

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Published: August 11, 2010
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  1. joyce

    have you seen the microscopic sculptures in the eye of needles? the guy has to move between heartbeats.

  2. Roly

    i can do ya one better…
    there is a guy in San Antonio that can write the
    Lords Prayer on a grain of rice.

    so to say that i have my 6 letter name written
    on rice along with a beautiful Red stemmed rose,
    could almost pale in comparison, lol.

    tis true however, saw it with my own eyes.
    but this guy here with his pencil lead art…
    “totally awesome”.

    wonder if we purchase these anywhere, seriously
    going to give google a workout tonight :D

  3. Anna Z

    Wow, these are spectacular. You must have great eyesight and steady hands to be able to sculpt a pencil into something magnificent.

  4. Ryan Stevens

    well when you can prove that…..ill be impressed but in the mean time stop being an ass hole and appreciate the art you see!

  5. alex

    how many times do u think he breaks the thing and has to start over. or do u think he does this the first time around each time?

  6. Ricky Potts

    Whoa… Some of those don’t even look real. Where does one realize a talent like exists? “Hey, I’m going to carve stuff from pencil lead!” What a cool concept. Makes a #2 exciting!