Kayaking the Thumb

Kayaking the Thumb, Port Austin, Michigan: Photos & Trip Report (2009)

And thanks to Nila Repard here is a photo from the very same island, taken by her great grandmother in 1934.


And here is another photo, taken in the winter. (Source)


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Published: April 10, 2010
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  1. Earl

    That Island could be in B.C. There are some Islands here like it. Never the less it’s the best i’ve seen in a long time.

  2. RnBram

    Notice how the water level has gone down and down and down. It would be interesting to see a chart of dates for the water levels, along with geological explanations of why the levels dropped.

  3. hilding

    i thought so to but i want to go camping there :)or just go swimming Kat i agree

  4. Ike

    Looks like a perfect location for a McDonalds! All it needs is a bridge, sewage, water & elec and mow down all that nasty vegitation for a nice smooth asphalt parking lot. Huge attraction!

  5. Steve McKenney

    The water is cool, but not cold. At least, in the summer, but this is Lake Huron and around the corner from Saginaw Bay, not Lake Superior and the tip of the Keweenaw. Now, there it IS cold!

  6. donovan Pettit

    i just found this from StumbleUpon… and have the exact same pic hangin on the wall of my house that my dad had taken 30 something years ago :-)

  7. carole

    Have stayed at the cottage that is right in front of this amazing rock many times since the mid 80’s. Two summers ago, my brother in law and my nephew and I climbed up a 40 foot ladder to get on top.
    Wrote our names and date on a golf ball and left it there with others that were already there! Great place!!!!