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Japanese Graphic Design from the 1920s-30s

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“Fuji Weekly” cover, Oct 1930

Grand Nagoya Festival poster by Kenkichi Sugimoto, 1933

Kyoto Grand Exposition to Commemorate the Showa Imperial Coronation, 1928

“NAPF” (Nippona Artista Proleta Federacio) magazine cover, Feb 1931

“May 1” movie poster by Hiromu Hara, 1928-1929

“The Advertising World” magazine cover, June 1926

“Reijin” sheet music cover, 1930

Poster for Tokyo Construction Fair, 1935

Poster for “Volga” and “College Life,” 1930 // Poster for “Kriemhild’s Revenge,” 1925

Nikke sports coat poster ad by Gihachiro Okayama, 1931

Nikke coat poster ad by Gihachiro Okayama, 1937

Nikke socks and knitwear poster ad by Gihachiro Okayama, 1937

These and more beautiful graphic design from japan can be found on pinktentacle or in the book “Modernism on Paper: Japanese Graphic Design of the 1920s-30s”, (published 2003).

Published on December 14, 2011.