History of the Coca Cola bottle

Coca Cola History: Left to Right 1899 – 1900 – 1915 – 1916 – 1957 – 1986

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Published: November 15, 2009
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  1. Zack W

    im not sure how many people know this, but originally coke actually had cocaine in it, and some doctors would prescribe it to people who were feeling bad, and they would drink it all night trying to get rid of their pain and be dead in the morning

  2. K. Carver

    Did you notice that the 1986 version is “fatter” than the 1957 version – just like a lot of Americans?

  3. Jude

    I still own an original as it came out of the factory. The fifth in line in the above picture.

    Takes me back to those sweet times as a kid on the beach in Malta

  4. Yannic Kermarrec

    The funny part is that for the 3d one from the left (1915), the Raymond Loewy based the shape of the bottle on a COCOA fruit (chocolate) instead of a COCA (Coca Cola ; – ). It was on the same page of the encyclopaedia he used to do his research

  5. Curt

    Where are the green bottles and the brown bottles?
    I have one like the 1900 with the paper label and its dark brown.

  6. jim

    When I was a kid in 1974 there was an old store next to the theater that had a bottle shaped like the fourth one with the same type cap but it was about 14 inches high and maybe 6 inches in diameter never saw another one like it

  7. Luci

    Do we know which bottles were hand blown and when they started pressing them? Do the empty 1800’s have the aqua tinge to them? Wanted to know if my whimsy cane came from coke bottle factory, the glass is coke bottle colored, maybe made from end of day coke bottle glass..thx for your help

  8. susanherna

    I have a 32 oz. glass Coca Cola from the mid 1970’s that is still sealed, It has a red and a green whistle in it.

  9. Anna

    In my archaeology class, our prof used a coca-cola bottle picture with probably 20 different bottles from the late 1890’s to present day. Pretty neat too see things change.

  10. David

    Hey anybody ever seen a 1899 bottle design with green glass. That is 28″ tall by 31″ around. And sez Property of coca cola bottleing co. in raised letters. And the value of it? Thanks David…

  11. Charles Jewell

    I’ve got a coke bottle that don’t look like any of those, it’s got a tapered neck with stright sides and was bottled in Vicksburg Miss. Haven’t seen another like it. Also an old Dr Pepper bottle that i’ve never seen before.

  12. grikdog

    If you look at the curved space between a standing woman’s legs, you will see the shape of the modern Coca-Cola bottle. Now that’s subliminal!

  13. ED67

    Bring back the 16 oz. bottles and get rid of those crappy plastic bottles,They make the coke taste like some form of generic kool-aid