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Desktop Wallpaper «Bowbay»

«Bowbay» is my contribution to Desktopography 3.

Desktopography is an exhibition, a showcase of nature themed desktop wallpapers created by designers worldwide.

This year we present over 40 new desktop wallpapers for you to display and enjoy.

BowbayYou can download the wallpaper I made below, but don’t miss the other 40 beautiful wallpapers from Desktopography 3!

bowbay-ubersuper.png (4.1MB)

And two crops for iPhone:

Terms of use:

For desktop wallpaper use only.
Do not edit, alter, or modify this image without my permission.
If you want to use it for anything else than your personal wallpaper, please contact me.

Published on March 19, 2007.