Back in Thailand for another month

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I started my trip in Thailand, stayed for a full month until my visa was about to run out. Then I went to Siem Reap for two weeks and from there to Laos for 3 weeks. From there I returned back to Thailand to celebrate Songkran and meet my friend and travel mate for the next 7 weeks.

We’re now 4 weeks in and this second stay in Thailand is almost over. Tonight we’ll fly to Palawan (Philippines) and spend 3 weeks there before saying “See you back in Switzerland in a few weeks” and heading off in different directions. He’s going to Hong Kong while I seem to can not get enough of Thailand.

Planned Maybes

By now the rest of the trip is “planned”, in my case that means I know when and from where I’ll go back to Switzerland. Even though I don’t know yet how I’ll spend the last month of my trip it feels more “planned” than the last 90 days. I’m in between thinking that’s a good thing and hating it. At least I have 30 more days that I can still spontaneously fill with whatever I feel like doing.

Maybe I’ll check out the north of Thailand, Chiang Mai and the surrounding area. Maybe I’ll visit Koh Chang, a small island close to Cambodia. And maybe give Cambodia a second visit, check out Sihanoukville and maybe even go back to Siem Reap a second time to visit the friends I made there. Enough maybes to keep it interesting, I kind of need that.

The Work Part

While I had a hard time getting work done in Laos and of course during Songkran, the two weeks I spent on Koh Lanta were really productive. I’m now ready to start the next project and even have a week off in between. Enough time to enjoy the beautiful places that are everywhere. This location independent work experiment is quite a success and my trip will end up being surprisingly long. It might not be the last time I’m doing this.

Snapping Memories

And as always I enjoy taking pictures with my phone and share it on Instagram. I’m sure they’ll turn out to be valuable memories of my several month long trip through South East Asia.

Here is me, doing cartwheels and hovering around at the beach in Koh Lanta.

cartwheel hovering

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Published: May 10, 2013
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