And 137 days later it also feels a bit weird to be back home

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My little adventure has ended and I’m already looking back quite often.

Sometimes to reflect and think about all the things that happened to me in the last 4.5 month in South East Asia. And sometimes because I already miss it, the weather in Switzerland is far from what I remember summer here to be. I’m wearing socks for the first time in a very long time, and I don’t like it.

This does not mean it’s all bad, far from it. It’s also great to be back, meeting family and friends again. The list of people I want to meet is still long and promises a lot of fun. And then there is the luxury of a sit/standing-desk and 2 big external displays for work.

A Look Back

I started my journey in the beginning of February in Switzerland and had no idea how long it will last. Here are the places I’ve visited in the following 4.5 months.

  1. Bangkok, Thailand: I started my trip with one week in Bangkok before I took a plane to Koh Samui. (Arrival Journal Entry & Departure Journal Entry)
  2. Koh Samui, Thailand: I spent almost 3 weeks on Koh Samui before going to Siem Reap via Bangkok. (Journal Entry 1 & Journal Entry 2 & Journal Entry 3)
  3. Siem Reap, Cambodia: I spent 2 extraordinary weeks in Siem Reap before moving on to Luang Prabang, Laos via Pakse. (Don’t Miss the Siem Reap Journal Entry)
  4. Luang Prabang, Laos: I spent about 10 days in Luang Prabang, from there I spontaneously went to Si Pan Don via Pakse.
  5. Si Pan Don, Laos: It was 41°C and the internet too slow to get work done, I left Si Pan Don after 5 days for Pakse. (The Laos Journal Entry)
  6. Pakse, Laos: I spent the last few days in Laos in Pakse, finishing up a work project. From there I headed back to Bangkok for Songkran.
  7. Bangkok, Thailand: I excessively experienced and explored the Songkran Festival (A lot of water splashing and white paste in the streets, 3 days of crazyness.) From there, off to Koh Lanta.
  8. Koh Lanta, Thailand: Almost 3 weeks have been spent on Koh Lanta, those were very productive weeks right next to a beautiful beach. (The Koh Lanta Journal Entry)
  9. Krabi, Thailand: Two nights in Krabi, including an island hopping tour, before flying to Bangkok.
  10. Bangkok, Thailand: Two nights in Bangkok before hopping to the Philippines, Bangkok starts to become familiar and a nice stop in between destinations.
  11. Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines: Arrived via Manilla in Palawan and stayed about 4 days in Puerto Princesa before taking a 6.5h bus ride to El Nido.
  12. El Nido, Palawan, Philippines: I spent almost 2 weeks in beautiful El Nido, so many friendly people and beautiful places to remember.
  13. Puerto Princesa: Another 5 days in Puerto Princesa after a bumpy ride back from El Nido. I’d soon leave the Philippines and knew I’d miss them. (The Palawan Journal Entry)
  14. Koh Phangan, Thailand: After hopping from Palawan to Manilla and from there to Bangkok I spent 6 hours at the BKK airport and took the first flight southwards. A short flight and ferry ride later I arrived on Koh Phangan.
  15. Bangkok, Thailand: I finished the trip with 4 days in Bangkok in a 4 star hotel. Went to markets and bought souvenirs and enjoyed legit street food.

Random thoughts

It is unbelievable how easy everything was. From traveling alone and not getting bored with myself to working from thousands of kilometers away for my clients.

Learning 20-50 words in 3.5 languages (Lao and Thai is very similar) within 4.5 month is getting confusing yet it’s worth the effort, it opens up so many doors!

Thanks to the internet, friends and family feel surprisingly close and feeling homesick was not a big issue, I could have easily stayed 2 month longer. And that coming from a guy who never traveled alone for more than a week before this trip.

A Look Forward

I find it always difficult to write or talk about plans. But let’s just say I might have a hard time looking for reasons against going on a similar trip again next year.

For now I’ll focus on work, my side projects, and enjoying my time in Switzerland. On my travels I started a new little side project, it will take time for it to launch but it’s quite fun to work on.

A Look At Photos

I also took a lot of photos and some of them turned out quite well. I made them available as prints in different sizes, just click on the images to get to the store.

Published: June 27, 2013
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